We assure that tenant office environments are always pleasant and desirable.  We want \

all tenants to be proud of their location in the property.  We are able to create buildings

that are desirable and marketable.  Top management gets directly involved with the

tenant and with correcting problems.    Promises to tenants are kept, regardless of the

cost to us.

Critical to the buildings value is lease administration.  We have established success for

our ability in evaluating the terms and conditions of lease agreements.  Thousands of
dollars have been saved for many clients due to our special evaluation methods.  We
evaluate and audit all lease agreements a minimum of every six months.

Produce Monthly Operating Reports

Cash Statement

Budget Comparison Report

Cash Receipt Batch Report

Delinquency Report

Activity Reconciliation Report

Accounts Payable Voucher report

Monthly General Ledger

Balance Bank Statement

PROVIDING exceptional JANITORIAL, Building REPAIRS, HVAC, and mOrE....